Investment and Wealth Management Services in RI

The investment and financial planning process includes but not limited to:

  • Asset Allocation
  • Investment and Maintenance of Mutual Funds
  • Exchange of Traded Funds
  • Rebalancing Accounts
  • Constant Fund Selection and Monitoring
  • 401K Asset Allocation and Fund Choice
  • Certified Financial Planning Process
  • Retirement Planning
  • Educational Planning
  • Insurance Planning
  • ‘401K Rollover’ Advisement
  • Estate Planning

We primarily charge financial consulting fees based upon the assets that we manage.
This fee includes, but not limited to:

  • Investment Selection and Monitoring of Investments
    (tax efficient investing).
  • Document Organization
  • Quarterly, semi-annual and/or annual meetings
  • Financial Planning that includes Education, Retirement and Estate planning
  • Advisors are Retained for Questions Throughout the Year.

Getting Started

Our First Meeting

The initial complimentary consultation with one of our financial planners in East Greenwich RI, is viewed as a time to get to know each other and determine what your goals are. Be sure to bring as much information as you can reasonably gather, including bank account values, investment holdings, 401K, holdings, mortgage terms and balances. We will discuss topical goals and financial investment/planning experiences, along with fee structure, timeframes of working together, etc.

Follow-up Meeting

The follow-up meeting in East Greenwich, with a financial advisor, would include some topical answers to your questions along with a portfolio diagnostic for your investment