As certified financial planners in RI, our mission is to create and maintain wealth for our clients through long-term effective asset management. We aim to build client relationships based on trust, knowledgeable professional advice, continual communication, and swift personal service.

Whether it is asset management, investment advising, wealth management, or retirement planning; our CFPs (Certified Financial Planners) know that an effective financial plan is the foundation for long-term financial success. Let us provide an independent perspective of your financial goals, and help you embrace the present as we plan for your financial future in Rhode Island.

What’s in a name?

Where did the name Balanced Wealth Management originate?

My father was a business professor at Providence College, RI, from 1968-2002. I have many memories of my dad preparing tax returns, retirement plans and education plans for clients. He was always motivated to help people, and I can remember many times when he would stay up after midnight preparing long green spreadsheets, in order to explain to clients how they could achieve their goals. It was rare he ever charged for his services (he did have a full-time job); he simply enjoyed helping his clients reach their financial goals. Many times, his clients would ask him: “What should I do with my $1000 refund, Bob?” He would assess their goals and then formulate his answer: “$300 to retirement, $300 to education, $100 to savings and $300 for the household project.” His answers always focused on priorities, resources and feelings.

When I brought the term “Balanced” to the marketing firm that I hired, they came back to me with many synonyms that were sleek, and a bit pretentious. My dad was a simple man who wanted to help people, and the way he helped them was with balanced solutions. I realize my job as a financial planner rewards me with compensation, but it is truly in my blood to help people discover their goals, understand their choices and achieve favorable results.

Our Team



Rob Auclair is a 1996 graduate of Providence College, with a degree in accountancy. Rob spent one year in Boston as a bond accountant with State Street Bank. In 1998, Rob joined Northwestern Mutual where he received new representative of the year along with reaching MDRT (million dollar round table) status. In 2005, Rob merged with Randall Financial Group to bring financial planning and investment strategies to the forefront of his practice. In 2006, Rob helped lead Randall Financial Group’s purchase of King Tax Planning in Uxbridge, Massachusetts, and the practice prepared over 500 returns annually, along with integrating financial planning and investment planning into the business.

In 2015, Rob opened up Balanced Wealth Management, where he integrates technology, investment planning, and financial planning, with the psychology of motivating people to reach their life and financial goals. Rob was featured for four years on Fox Providence’s Money Pros as the Financial Planning Pro. In addition, he has appeared on WPRO, and Providence’s ABC-6. Rob continues to be a resource for local media in regards to investments and financial planning in East Greenwich, Rhode Island.


Dr. Liu Wang is an Associate Professor of Finance at Providence College. She is a CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) charterholder, a CAIA (Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst) charterholder, and a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®). Dr. Wang teaches various courses at both undergraduate and graduate levels, and her primary research interests include asset valuation, investments, corporate finance and governance, entrepreneurial finance, and emerging markets.

Dr. Wang is also the author of over a dozen published papers, and her work has been presented at more than 30 domestic and international conferences. She serves as a reviewer for seven leading academic journals and is the Associate Editor of the New England Journal of Entrepreneurship. Her research and dedication to the profession have been recognized with various awards; including the Research Excellence Award from Providence College, the Fletcher Bowl Award from the CFA Society Providence, the Best Reviewer Award presented by the Academy of International Business, and the “Merton H. Miller” Distinguished Ph.D. Research Seminar Mentor awarded by the European Financial Management Association. In addition to being a prolific scholar, Dr. Wang also holds executive board and leadership positions in many local and international organizations, including the CFA Society Providence, Balanced Wealth Management, WaterFire Providence, RIACAP, and Haozhong Information Technology Co., Ltd.