Financial Planning

Financial planning is the key to Balanced Wealth Management's success. Investments in most cases are what clients want the advisor to take care of. However, financial planning is a collaboration of advisor and client, figuring out what the goals are. Balanced Wealth Management uses technology and extensive questionnaires to uncover your goals and motivations to reach those goals. Through a detailed, yet simplified plan, clients become engaged and tied to their goals. Throughout each year, clients will update their financial plans and make adjustments in order to reach the end goal.

Investment Planning

Investment planning is a multi-step approach to selecting the correct asset allocation in investments for a client. Through detailed questionnaires and technology, Balanced Wealth Management will produce a correct asset allocation, meaning how much you should have in large cap, mid cap, small cap, international, emerging markets, fixed income, etc. And then go through a detailed process in the selection of what funds will represent that allocation in each area. Through ongoing research, asset allocations will change over time, and investment choices in each asset class will be researched, tested, and changed if necessary on an ongoing basis.

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Highlights of Investment Process

  • We primarily use exchange traded funds and actively managed mutual funds. When choosing funds two of our top priorities are funds in the top quartile and low expenses.
  • We discover our clients risk profile through questionnaires', goals and past experiences.
  • We formulate an asset allocation that covers all major asset classes.
  • We choose the mutual funds that will represent the asset classes and their target percentages.
  • We continuously test each of our funds against their peer group and index. That test along with many others gives us notification if it is time to make a change.
  • We annually rebalance accounts.
  • We tax manage portfolio's placing interest producing investments in nonqualified accounts and dividend producing investments in nonqualified accounts (taxable). We also pay special attention to capital gains in taxable accounts.
  • We annually review client's goals and objectives and make any allocation changes based on time, change of goals, etc.